the Altas Pocket Watch Restoration

Restoration of an Atlas 18 Size pocket watch is very similar to the 18 size Elgin Pocket watches…

The reason is, because they are the same as the lower tier Elgin pocket watches.  Yes, they were made by Elgin, for Elgin, and branded under the Atlas Watch Company.

Full restoration is easy and simple.  However, just as with the Elgins, you will have to take your time putting the watch back together, as you have to be careful with any full plate movement to align the gear’s pinions with the appropriate bushing holes in the plate.  Take your time, and work slowly to assemble, so as not be break anything.

If you don’t feel like taking your watch apart to do your own service, contact me here, and fill out the form for an estimate for your watch.


Watch the complete service here..

Little Known Facts

Many watch manufacturer’s have made, and make watches under different brands.  For instance, Rolex has the Rolex line, and the Tutor line.  They used to be the same watch movements, but recently, Tutor has branched into making their own movements.

Companies like Hamilton, Elgin, and Illinois manufactured Ball Watches, or watches that met high standards of accuracy, mostly for the Railroad industry.  These watches were sometimes copies of their own high end models, or were designs that each manufactured made specifically for Ball…  

Citizen, Sieko, and many other watch manufacturers not only have their branded lines, but own or market other branded watches, many of which use the same movements or similar quality.  For instance, Bulova is now owned by the Citizen Group, and while there are some specific movements that are Bulova Designs, many of the movements are straight from Citizens manufacturing facility.


Where can you find info on Altas Watches?

Chances are, you won’t be able to find much information on the Atlas Watch Company because, it is a subsidiary of the Elgin Watch Company, and the watches where manufactured on the same lines.  

About the only think you will ever notice a difference in, is the label on the dial, and the engraving on the movement back.  Atlas watches were all branded with Atlas company logos, labels, or engravings.

For all other practical purposes, they are Elgin Watches.

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