How to replace a missing gemstone from a bracelet!

In this short tutorial, I want to cover the process for replacing a missing sapphire in an antique bracelet.  A customer brought me this item, and asked that I find a replacement sapphire and set it into the frame of the bracelet.

You’ll notice that in the video, I show you that while I was able to find a sapphire to match the shape and size, the cut is slightly different.  This is an issue that we as bench jewelers will have from time to time, as older cut stones may no longer be available.  We do our best, however, to match them as perfectly as possible.

Watch the video here.  If you would like to purchase any of the tools that I used in this video, scroll down below the video, and I will include Affiliate links to the tools I used during this repair.

Please note, if you do choose to purchase these tools, I will receive a very small affiliate commission.  It costs you nothing, but the funds do go to support this page and the videos that I produce.  (Thanks for the consideration).

List of Tools:

  1. Process for replacing this stone:

  • Measure the space, setting for the proper size stone.
  • Order the proper size and shape stone
  • Clean the item and prep it for setting
  • If bezel or prongs need cutting, do so slowly and check fit for stone
  • Place stone into setting, and make final fit
  • Using the bezel pusher tool, slowly and carefully push the gold over the girdle of the gemstone
  • Remove any tooling marks made
  • Using the Milgrain tool, re-bead or Milgrain the bezel surrounding the replacement stone
  • Polish the bracelet
  • Clean in Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Done!


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