Part 2, 3d Printing and getting ready to cast

This is Part 2 of our 3 part series covering the complete design to finished production of a 5 stone diamond pendant.

Part 2 covers the exporting of our model from Blender 2.9, to our slicer of choice.  In this case, I’ll be printing the pendant design on my Phrozen Sonic Mini Mono.  It is small, prints fast and the prints come out great.

I’ll also be using Phrozen Castable Wax Like resin in this example.

After the print is done, cleaned and ready for casting, I’ll be going over some of the information we will need for casting, and most importantly, make sure you follow the correct burnout procedures for the resin you are using.  Castable Resin is very different from Jewelers Wax.  It will need a much slower burnout, at a lower temperature than jewelers wax.  If you have a programmable furnace, make sure you program it to meet the requirements for a clean burnout of your design.

Watch the video here

3d Printing results!

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In part one of our tutorial, I cover the full design process from start to finish.  If you haven’t taken the time to see that video, click here.

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