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In this tutorial, I want to take the time to show you how to design this beautiful diamond pendant in Blender 2.9.  We will be using some add-ons for blender, and I will link to those later in this blog.  

Once of the jewelry stores I work with asked me to model and 3d print this diamond pendant for a customer.  The requirements for this model where to use five diamonds, approximately 3.2 mm each.  The pendant will be attached to a chain, and fixed to the chain so that it hangs at about 18 inches.  We will not be covering that process in any of the three parts.

This is the first of a three part series that I’m going to show you.  In this part, of course, we are going to cover the design stage of the series.

In part 2, we will 3d print the our model, make four copies of it, three are going to the customer, one is to be used as an example.

In part 3, the final part, we will clean up the casting, and set the stones to show the final product.

Patreon supporters can see all three parts this week, however, for the rest, I will be releasing the second and third parts over about 10 days.

I hope you enjoy the series and please let me know what you think.

Watch the video Tutorial for part 1, Here...

All done with Part 1? Check out Part 2

Once you are done with Part one, make sure that you check out part two.  In part two, we cover the 3d printer settings for the castable resin we are using, and then 3d print 4 copies of our pendant.

We also cover the process for programming your furnace to the correct settings for the resin you are using to ensure you get a good investment for casting in Gold or Silver.

Click here to see Part 2, or the Camera below.

Pre-requisite for this series

There are several add-ons that I use in the design of this pendant, and I will link to those articles where you can download them, and the tutorials for installing them into blender.  In addition, I have some settings that would be helpful for you using Blender 2.9, especially in regards to making or designing jewelry.

JewelCraft 2.8, for Blender 2.9.  This is a free add on that will help you to design jewelry.  I encourage you to take some time to install in, and view the videos in my youtube playlist covering jewelry design to become familiar with it.

Setting up Blender 2.9, to work in millimeters.  Since all jewelry is designed using the metric system, and the standard unit of measurement is millimeters, these settings will help you to work with proper sizes.

Check out the Playlist on my YouTube channel to become familiar with working with blender.  While some of these videos use Blender 2.8, Blender 2.9 is not much different.


Where do you get Blender 2.9?

Blender 2.9 is available from the Blender Web Site, at  You can download the latest version, or even some of the previous versions directly from that site as it is current, and safe.


Other add-ons for blender are available depending on what you choose to do with it.  Blender is a large and complicated program.  However, if you take the time to work with it, in small increments, you will be surprised that it is not a difficult program to learn in less than a month, and that you can be on your way to 3d printing, modeling and jewelry design work quickly and proficiently. 

Get this Fast, Small and Efficient 3d Resin Printer on Amazon now…  I have one, and I love it.  The models printed in this series used this printer!

Whats Next

There are two more parts to this series.  When they go live, the two parts will also appear here for you to link to.

Part 2, will cover the full process of saving our design out to a file that our 3d printer can support.  We will import that file, add in the proper print supports, then using Castable resin, 3d print several copies of the design and get it ready for Casting.

Part 3 will be the final process of this series.  I will get the casting back, clean it up and set the stones.  Once that process is done, we can just go over our design one more time to make is perfect and deliver a beautiful pendant to our customer.

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