Blender Modifiers for Interesting Effects

Here is something that I stumbled upon while trying to make some new designs for my jewelry library.  

In Blender 2.82 or in Blender 2.83, (the latest good release), we can use many different types of Modifiers to change the way our models work.  I started to use three different modifies to make the objects you will see below, as well as in the video tutorial

The Wireframe modifier works on Mesh objects, and gives you some cool wireframe models that you can use to make interesting shapes.

Adding the Solidify modifier allows you to make the wireframe object a bit thicker.  As you can see, you can make some cool effects for maybe the top of a ring, or a pendant, or even some cool shapes to add to figures you are modeling within Blender.

The Subdivision Surface modifier can really change the shape of your mode, so I always add it to the bottom of the modifier stack.  See the video for tips on how to use this.

Watch the tutorial Here

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Some Samples

Cool Ring Design
This is a design I can use for a Ring Top
Make interesting shapes with the modifiers
Just another cool object

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How to use modifiers

Using Blender Modifiers are very simple.  If you have been following my blog as well as my youtube channel, then you know that I use them a lot.

Modifiers work in a Stack!

Each modifier is added to the stack on at a time.  The first, or top modifier is applied to your model first.  Every subsequent modifier effects your model next, including the changes made by the previous modifier(s).

Order is important.  If you apply a several modifiers to perform a specific function to your model, but do not put them in order, you may end up with a model that looks either really good, or really bad. 

I encourage you to play with these using objects and meshes that you don’t need to worry about just to get the feel of how the modifiers effect your design.

Remember that your model can be made up of several mesh objects.  Modifiers only effect the mesh object that they are applied to.

It is important to remember that if you want to apply a modifier to all the objects, that you apply the modifier to each of the objects.  The same is true, but reversed if you only wish to add a modifier to one mesh in your model.  


How modifiers are applied

One of the most difficult parts of using modifiers to your design, is remembering that even though you added a modifier to an object, it is not applied to that object until you hit the “Apply” button.  

This is good to know, and a good modeling tool.  The reason being is that you can apply a modifier to a mesh, and then edit the mesh, making proper modeling changes to it, and return to object mode to see the changes and how the modifier effects it.

Once you are happy, then you can apply the modifier, or modifiers.  Just remember, that when you go to apply the modifiers to the model and make them permanent, you must apply them in order.  

The quick way to apply all modifiers, (if you have more then one), is to hit the “Apply All” button above the modifier stack.

Remember, you can always go back with the “Control-Z” key combination and undo this if you made a mistake!


Go and Practice.  Let me know if you have any questions, or need help with any of these fun and exciting tools.

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